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ADKA: The German Society of Hospital Pharmacists


The German Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ADKA) was founded in the city of Stuttgart in Southern German by Dr. Rudolf Rapp in 1911 as the Society of Chief Hospital Pharmacists. In 1927, shortly after the First World War, the organisation was re-established in Düsseldorf under the name Society of Hospital Pharmacists. The organisation was now open for all pharmacists working in hospital pharmacies. This second ancestor of ADKA had 126 members by 1933, when it was closed, and the former members were forced to join the national socialist pharmacist organisations.

After the Second World War, the society was re-established in Hamburg. Since then ADKA forms the nationwide society for pharmacists working in hospital pharmacies or employed by a hospital respectively. ADKA was officially registered as a society in 1985. Today, more than 1,500 hospital pharmacists, representing a total of 80% of hospital pharmacists working in German hospitals, are members of ADKA.


The ADKA is presided by a five-member board of directors (president, president elect, immediate past president, treasurer and secretary). The board members are elected every second year by the general assembly. The board represents German hospital pharmacists’ interests in political and social affairs. ADKA employs a chief executive officer and is subdivided in state wide organizations. In each German federal state a chairperson presides the organization. The chairpersons are members of the national ADKA board. The board of directors meets four times a year, and the national board meets at least twice a year.


The goals of ADKA are:

  • to organize high-level continuous education for hospital pharmacists with regard to hospital pharmacy and clinical pharmacy
  • to represent the interests of hospital pharmacy  and hospital pharmacists to the government and other organisations
  • to maintain public relations
  • to cooperate with pharmaceutical organisations on both a national and international level
  • to support and encourage professional placements of hospital pharmacists
  • to offer management training for young hospital pharmacists

ADKA members are invited to participate at the annual general assembly, which takes place in conjunction with the scientific congress. In 2011 the congress will take place in the national capital Berlin.
ADKA publishes a scientific journal every month called Krankenhauspharmazie (www.krankenhaus-pharmazie.de).

To this end there are eight special interest groups dealing with the scientific and professional issues of hospital pharmacy. The special interest groups and respective subgroups are:

  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug information
  • Drug packaging
  • Pharmaco-economics
  • Clinical pharmacy
    • Anti-infectious Therapy
    • Oncology
    • Clinical nutrition
    • Paediatrics
  • Clinical trials
  • Medical devices/in-vitro diagnostics
  • Quality assurance
    • Quality management
    • Medication errors
    • Unit dose

These special interest groups provide statements, practice guidelines and other information in order to support members in daily work. They organise continuous education for ADKA members on a regular basis. They supply teaching manuals, formulary software, an internet based database for managing and documenting drug information among other things. An active mailing list (adka-intern) is the most popular and efficient way of communicating daily problems, sharing experiences and informing about the organisation’s political and educational activities.

Continuous education is not yet mandatory for the license to practice pharmacy in Germany, but ADKA has implemented a certified programme of continuous education in clinical pharmacy (CECP) since 2001. Hospital pharmacists acquire credit points by attending CECP-accredited national or international conferences or by completing accredited internet based continuing education. The certificate is valid for 2 years and is granted when at least 60 CECP credit points were acquired during an interval of 2 years.

ADKA is the only organisation in Germany representing Hospital Pharmacy and is focused on the demands of hospital pharmacists as well as their continuous education in Germany. The organisation continues to be an inspiring and active society taking care of academic and practical aspects of German hospital pharmacy.




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