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The Federal Association of German Hospital Pharmacists

The Federal Association of German Hospital Pharmacists (ADKA) is a society for Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy. It represents the interests of all hospital pharmacists in Germany.
The abbreviation ADKA stands for „Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Krankenhaus Apotheker“ – Working Committee of German Hospital Pharmacists.

More about the organisation (in German)

The ADKA has supported and further developed Hospital Pharmacy to a high clinical and practical standard, as well as representing the professional interests and responsibilities of hospital pharmacists.

To the goals of the organisation (in German)

What are hospital pharmacists? Which duties do they have in the hospital? These, and other questions about the hospital pharmacist career are explained in more detail in the EAHP’s YouTube video.

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Our members report Your membership advantages

Redesigning Multidisciplinary Teamwork
Achieving more together: As a hospital pharmacist, I can significantly support our doctors' and nurses' activities to improve medication safety on the wards. Why shouldn’t we work closely together? As an ADKA member, I support the multidisciplinary working between doctors, nurses and pharmacists and commit to optimising the process.
Ursula Kovács, Pharmacy Services Director, Spitalpharmazie Thurgau AG (Münsterlingen,Schweiz)

Here I am well informed: whether it is about my membership, or internal contact information – I can find what I need, quickly and reliably, on the ADKA website. I can easily find all the ADKA events and news under the “News and Events” tab.
Receiving the association’s magazine “Krankenhauspharmazie”, I get interesting, informed articles from clinical pharmacy practice monthly.
Katja Bombei, Dipl. Pharm., Pharmacist, Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum Berlin

Uniting Locations and Competence
The ADKA brings hospital pharmacists together: At the numerous workshops and congresses, hosted by the ADKA , I meet colleagues from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I am not just developing my own knowledge, but also exchanging information and experience with other hospital pharmacists, about their work and current issues.
Andrea Obermeier, M.Sc., Medicines Information Pharmacist, Städtisches Klinikum München GmbH

ADKA is like a big family
We, hospital pharmacists, enjoy a special privilege: Instead of being under constant competitive pressure, we combine our knowledge. As a colleague with over 25 years career experience, I also benefit from the cross-site network, the “ADKA-Mailingliste”. It provides me with solutions to problems on a daily basis and often gives me ideas to advance in my everyday life in the hospital.
Dr. Christoph Sturm, Chief Pharmacist, Helios Amper-Klinikum Dachau

Goals, Pathways, Community

The ADKA Society

The ADKA is a professional association and society for Clinical Pharmacy and Hospital Pharmacy. It is the only association representing the interests of German hospital pharmacists, by comparison to non-pharmacy associations such as DKG, GBA, AKDÄ, and other pharmacy associations such as ABDA, EAHP and FIP, amongst others.

The predecessor of today’s professional association body, “The Chief Pharmacists Union of the 3rd Reich”, was founded in Stuttgart in 1911. The ADKA has had a varied history since 1985 to it’s present form, becoming a national association and registered society. Currently, of approximately 2,400 pharmacists in German hospitals, about 2,200 are members of the ADKA.

The goals of the ADKA are to support and further develop Hospital Pharmacy to a high clinical and practical standard, as well as to represent the professional interests of hospital pharmacists. These goals are set out in the “ADKA-Zielepapier”, as well as in “Ziel 2021: Closed Loop Medication Management”.
Committees and project groups, within the ADKA, are dedicated to achieving these goals, as well as being responsible for the development of statements and guidelines in the Hospital Pharmacy sector.

The association also initiates and comments on amendments to the law, at a national and regional level, some of which are also presented in the Health Committee of the German Parliament.

By organizing congresses and further training on all relevant ADKA-topics, the association supports its members and interested parties to reach a high clinical and practical standard. The congresses are established by the ADKA Scientific Committee, amongst others, and supervised by the Committee’s office.

The exchange of knowledge within the professional group is also very important to the ADKA. Therefore, a large number of the speakers at the congresses and training courses are from the ADKA. In addition, the ADKA has set up its own system for certified further education, with which, training events can be accredited and certified for all members attending courses regularly. This is conducted by the “ZeFobi (certified further education)”.
An ADKA member is not only externally represented, but can also draw on various benefits in his daily work. For example, the magazine „Krankenhauspharmazie”, „Stabil- & PÄD i.V.-Liste“, „ADKA AM Info-Datenbank“, „ADKA DokuPik“, „KAMPI“ and the internal mailing list of hospital pharmacists.

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